About Ann Owen - Ann Owen

Colour Me Happy

Growing up in Papua New Guinea‚ my creativity has always been influenced by the colours of the rainforest‚ the unique wildlife‚ the ocean and the beauty of the tropics.

Fascinated with the vivid colours of the Australian bush‚ I began photographing and painting Australian landscapes and native flora & fauna.  I have always been excited by intense colour and when I began photographing the Australian outback there was no holding back.

The subject matter varies‚ but I continue to feature the vivid colours of the Australian bush and an occasional glimpse of my wry sense of humour and unique perspective of life as I see it.

Living in the desert was also a powerful influence on my art. I painted anything that stood still long enough and such as gum trees‚ gum leaves and gum nuts were some of the colours and shapes that influenced my watercolours.

I have evolved my works to include character paintings of emu’s‚ camels and other Territory wildlife which have been very popular.

My art always reflects my love of rich colour unique and colourful style and today. My work has been regularly exhibited with some success and currently is held in private collections internationally and throughout Australia.

My plan is to travel freely and reflect my experiences in my photographs and my watercolours.